Principals Desk

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.” -Jonathan Swift

The more you learn about Adarsh Vidyalaya Tatibandh, you discover, why we are, a school of high expectation, knowledge dispersal maneuver, striving for academic excellence through steadfast expansion of minds. We strive to foster successful learning, based on values and tradition and stand steady in its dimensions to nurture the all-round development of the child coupled with thenever endinggifts of love and care.

 We are extremely observant for both the future and the present as that each year is equally important, equipped with opportunities to create, explore and reflect, engulfed in life-long habits of learning.

We are highly elevated to have a vibrant and fervent group of educators who truly enrich our schools with their versatility, talents and experience. We also appreciate the association of the well concerned parents and the role they have in the lives of the children.


   Mr. Amir B Sultan

Through quality instruction in a safe and stimulating learning environment, we encourage students to be inquisitive, resourceful, and responsible learners. By cultivating respect and a strong work ethic, we are confident that our students will excel in the present and meet the demands of the future. Committed to Excellence, Adarsh Vidyalaya group of schools is committed to edify and bequeath success to students. With Pride and Unity, we foster cerebral achievement, civic accountability and individual development.