“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,” Former South African president and late antiapartheid activist Nelson Mandela once said. With such golden words the late leader underlined the significance of education, while suggesting how such an education can influence one’s purpose and the road to lead a life. 


Is a highly decorated or popular school good enough reason to send one’s children there or should there be some yardsticks to evaluate any school? The salient features of   our institutions have been g future challenges of academics and professional career of students. The everyday growing global competition does not limit the purpose of education only to get a job but also caters to develop a generation of vibrant minds and global leaders, who in spite of their universal approach in education uphold the Indian values and reflect its varied culture in their life style. Every boy and girl who passes through the gates of these great institutions is aware that they are carrying forward the glorious tradition of India to his/ her following generation.

The fact that proficiency in literacy and numeracy lays the foundation for the higher education for the learners has been our guiding formula in our academic administration. The inter disciplinary approach in  teaching learning process in Adarsh Group of schools has begun to dominate the water tight compartment of subject based teaching in our elementary classes. We believe that a strong universal elementary education lays stronger foundation for higher education, besides inculcating life enriching basic skills for enriched lives of the students. The text book oriented examination focused teaching learning process, we have realized, is merely serving as temporary pain killers of caused by one’s live problem, and instead, the child centered Academics. Self-realization and self-expression are, we understand, as natural for children as it is natural for birds to sing and flowers to bloom.

For this very reason, there is a need to take school education quite seriously, especially when you are admitting your ward or while they are to be moved to a different a school. We believe that school selection is a serious affair and needs to be done with due diligence following a proper research by parents. It’s a common knowledge to admit children into schools; most of the parents go by neighbors’ or close relatives’ advice.