Sports and Physical Training

Educational activities become wholesome only when the children get time to play and enjoy various sports and games. They enjoy schooling with a good participation in games. Our students have reaped laurels in various fields of sports and games. Four students participated in International events and brought two gold and two bronze medals in Karate. 12 students played in national level events in Roll ball, Tennikoit and Weight lifting and Six-a-side Cricket. 11 players performed excellently in state level, fetching 3rd prize in Roll ball under 14, 1st prize under 17 and 1st prize in Tennikoit. Besides, our gems shone in Karate by winning two bronze and one gold medal.

Cricket, Basket ball, Roll ball, Volley ball, Karate, Football, Softball, Handball, Badminton etc are the sports which are carried out where our children achieve higher levels including State, National and International events.